Septic Pumping

Nature’s Pumping provides complete septic system cleaning and pumping services to homes and businesses throughout Wilkin, Otter Tail, Becker, and Clay counties. A neglected septic tank system will invariably fail, causing irreparable damage to itself as well as spillage in its surrounding area. Don’t be like the great majority of home and business owners and neglect this essential procedure — take a preemptive approach to septic tank maintenance and avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of damage while you keep your system running smoothly. As a general rule, groundwater contamination, property damage, and a horrible mess are all avoidable if you engage our septic tank system services at least once every one to three years.

There are many signs that your septic tank might be full and in need of immediate service. If you have noticed a backed-up toilet, an uncloggable drain, or standing water or a strong odor in the area where your septic tank is buried, you have very likely noticed a sign that your septic system is on the verge of failure. We can correct the problem before it becomes much more expensive and unpleasant.

Our routine and affordable service is far more preferable to a full sewer replacement, which can easily cost more than $5,000. This small investment will protect your septic system, your lawn, your garden, your groundwater, and even the inside of your home or business from a disastrous sewage overflow, so give us a call today at (218) 863-3730 to protect your precious property.

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